custom order for naomi finished yeeha!

finished and on schedule! yay

made lots of button earrings again :) a whole new series all with two holes '-' (:) the first are these cute very small 11mm red flowers :) they are on stainless studs yeah! for 4$.

also my bad over spendings went to the fabric store yesterday with 40$ but 7 different made in japan fabrics caught my eye and twills, and plain cottons... so i ended up leaving with -40. ayayay. the cutest fabrics, in van city! can you believe it? im wanting to go to fabricland coz i think that is where they come from.


  1. Wow. I love everything, especially the little purse near the bottom of the photo. You are so talented and have such an eye for fabrics.

  2. hey thanks ladies! it was a nice large custom order, and got over paid 5$ sweet.