something weird happened to my skull listing on etsy- it disapeared not even the etsy guy could find it. EDIT: i deleted it! then the etsy guy put it back up for me and told be to be more careful next time SOOOO SWEET naman yung mga taga etsy shet! BACK TO ORIGINAL POST:crazy! then i thought i lost the real pair here at home. turned up under the beading tray angela gave me. god angela is awsome she gave me 3 new tools! they are soooo much better than the ghetto tools she lent me at first. now i have new tools for free! i love my friends

these are me faves,,,i copied mine coz i think they are HOT
EDIT i took these ones out im going to add jump rings between the flower and actual ear hook. angela claims to have rolled around the ground* and slept in a pair and they fell off ;; mine are fine tho but angj is the official earring tester coz shes so rowdy.

i have more but i didnt list em coz my shop is getting so full ;;

meanwhile i think i forgot the black linen fabric i bought for the custom owl tote order for lilyqueen- gaaa. damn
it must be in the fabric shop-pleeese i hope so, coz i cant afford to buy it again- literally EDIT: i never found it- luke closed my bag at the shop so it couldve been open for a long time... so day later i went back to get some more fabric and the dude gave it me for free! how wicked. i had given my two squishy pins i was wearing to these kids and mom on the bus- had nothing for him but he gave me something- kind of like etsy's PIF but real.
here is the extra large tote i got jipped on shipping for coz its so exceeding regular post size and weight ie. its wonderfully nice and roomy:
purplelily's roomy owl tote


  1. I love how they are on the cards : )

  2. thanks gina.. i love how the cards make em look so much folky-er '-'