new plans and stuff in shop

oh no its already 6.43! post later- have to make dinner.

theres new things in shop! go check it out. as well as lots of bags getting all lined up for sewing for shop cocoon.

a custom order leather straps/belt in the make and 2 new kanzashi cut and ready for sewing too!


  1. i love your stuff...i SO want to buy the apple pin, thats the first thing i wanted but then i saw the patches and just had to have them! how i long for that apple pin, though...mmmmm.

  2. yay! you are the first to love it as much as i do! means a lot me *wipes tear....

    thanks erin :)

  3. yay! hey i put the picture of what i bought on my blog with a link to your etsy site...maybe you'll get some more orders that way!! but then again, i dont have very high blog traggic :(

  4. hey thanks erin! :) ill link you soon ey dont let me forget! im up to 54 visits a day :/ hope it stays up!