new etsy items and pouch

check it out- was making earrings and the pins at the same time, well kinda, then i combined them pa-dah in my shop for 9 bucks'-'Sold! thanks '-'

the squishy pins are now listed
they are in my etsy shop for 4$
brown with a pink kitty
red watermelon onePIF'ed
pink apple one with the red skull
yellow cherry
green with strawberry and skullPIF'ed
aqua with white flower and blue skullclick me im bigger

the squirrel pouch is back at the original price of 11$

made this pouch a few days ago, was inspired by kumi and another craft blog...
..the local and impot fabric combos turned out so nice. dont really have any more of that beige lining fabric tho ;; smaller it would be perfect for an ipod... teehee '-'

have to fix the studio again coz its a mess full of little bits of cuteness but i get so distracted and cluttery '-'

added pics to this post coz someone made a great comment about the cards, pic of the flea market, :


  1. Wao, I love the pouch!!! So delicate and nice.

  2. Wow, love the combination effect! Your squishy pins are so cute! And you know I'm in love with your little pouch : )

  3. I see.
    You checked my strawberry pouches and got inspired?
    Honor to hear that!
    Great work!!

  4. hi kumi! yeah! saw your strawberry pouches...but it was after that i saw them... i remember the first one you made a while ago....

    thanks for the inspiration!

  5. thanks so much gina '-'
    i think the little pouch loves you too! and so do the squishies :P