tsumami kanzashi fever

ive made a bunch more... plus my new fabric arrived (the old pink and black flowers)
also ive bought goodie clips- nice ones. they look like weathered metals copper, gold, broze, silver... and cool hair pins in browns and rainblow pastel colors.
my stash of gold quilter pins ran out so im using black safety pins now. i know right, id never seen black pins either.


there is retail oppertunity for me on cambie. its a hip shop co-op! felt way nicer than circle craft, coz brenda (the girl) was the one who approached me, is super friendly, the shop is for indie styles and theres a capers almost finished next door- rad!
they have around 10 designers now and are looking for other new designers to join forces with- that could be you. are you in vancouver?

go check em out- its your life will be there soon...mid- march to early april:

Shop Cocoon
3345 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W6


  1. Hi Nico (we met briefly at a crafster meet before christmas)... if it makes you feel a bit less bitter - the 'original' kanzashi tutorial on craftster actually leads to rounded petals just as easily as pointed ones (at least I got rounded petals when I did it). If you slog through that post you'll see people posted rounded petals (http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=24944.0). Not to say that this Vancouver crafster didn't rip your more recent tutorial, because your method is different (the backs are much neater).... but maybe they didn't? Looking at it another way - if the craftster hadn't posted the original Kanzashi tut, wouldn't we all be sad. That's how craftster works, right - you take when you see something cool and you give back when you come up with something cool?

    Eh, anyway, I do hope you won't totally stop posting tips and stuff on craftster, but I understand if you do - you're trying to make a living at this so you have to be more protective.

    (sorry for the rambling comment)

  2. thank you so much for this comment! you make me feel so much better- really, sometimes i get so weirdy and all huffy and defensive! its so true, i am a freak! thanks for the long rambling comment. it keeps me in check and in reality. if craftser period wasnt around god knows what id be doing right now.

  3. Oh I love your blog, I realise now that I have seen and loved heaps of your stuff on Craftster and I find out it's all by you! Awesome :)
    What a great read, keep it up (oh and I love these Kanashi, beautiful)
    MissMeshell xx

  4. thanks littlemeeshell :)
    see you on craftster/blog pages ^_^