french vintage

heres the lovely iron from liz doing a marvelous job fusing interface onto the lining.

oooooh cuties they are multiplying... the best part is i have 7 more different ones cut yip!yip!

i made the first one for listing on etsy and not much later someone bought the messenger owl bag.. cool... after i make all the french vintage pouches ill list more in etsy in a couple days...meanwhile these two others for shop cocoon :)

ive also made a pretty vintage obi purse...dont have a good pic right now and still have to sew the button on but its lovely and following brendas tip to making 'more lady-ish' things for shop cocoons typical walk-in customers :)


  1. Wow, they all look so chic and cute!
    I love French style, too!!

  2. yay :) thanks kumi!

    i wish i knew more about this japanese french style...its so cool!

  3. eeeeppp.. i'm being killed by cuteness..

  4. thanks gina :) tree tree tree fabric a go-go