site meter, PBB and kanzashi flowers

weird. i just checked my site meter and found somebody came from a search of 'mich dulce hate' so of course i investigate (the little condensed blurb that brought my blog up on google via those search terms was of course, out of context)
so then i find like articles and the forum i posted once on the abs-cbn website for PinoyBigBrother Celebrity Edition.
hey! mich has been eliminated from big brother coz she got an anxitey attack, was brought to the hospital and didnt come back within the 24 hour curfew??? whaaat? i havent even seen the damn show. then i go check her blog and its deleted??? ha??
hmpph. man i really wanted to see mich on tv

hmm, what else.
oh yes.

i am eagerly awaiting my new SECRET SUPPLIES for making jewelry YAY its your life jewels. i think unveiling will be in mid april...for summer.

made 3 kanzashi flowers after a long time of not even thinking of them. was going to ship and go to dressew for pin backs but realized it was sunday! so i figured i could make pin backs. and i did, nice ones too i think...
i used the stiff felt my mom sent me... what a save

buy a romantic kanzashi today... SOLD, thanks!

greet spring with a fray kanzashi...SOLD thanks


  1. nicole!
    im alive. and so is my blog.
    im on god knows how many anti depressants.
    im officially neil galang and back to year 1999 fucked up psychologically state
    oh my lordy
    x mich

  2. MICH!!!! youre alive. thank crap girl! the abs-cbn forums on you are mad....dont go there.
    yeah, you need them anti-depressants for a while..bad bad bad people in media