japanese friend saru

i made a monkey!
emmie came over!!

catching some rays on george w. (a bush i made last summer)

cute lil guy...

get that monkey off my back!

thanks emmie.. what a day what a day...

oh yeah. and major deflation. turns out i dont get a sure job at all. so its back to pimpin'


  1. I love these pics, yay, made me lol so much...

    And I will be your pimp! I can do it well, and only charge 78% of your earnings... tee hee.

    Keep smiling girl, it will all work out :)

  2. i am so jealous of you two that you get to hang out and be each other's crafty friends that i must move to canada right this minute!

  3. thanks ems.. you are a precious gem!

    now if we could only mail sandra over here in a swap package... hehe

    dear lasandri, im always wishing for more crafty friends to spend time with. cant wait till you move ;)
    love, nico

    ! thanks girls :)

  4. That's a cute monkey, Nicole! You are talented, so hang in there! It's great you've got upbeat friends for support and craft with.

    P.S. Mesmerized by emmie's court jester-pixie girl.

  5. thanks jessica! im ok now... going to majorly make make make!