hunky simon and bigger monchhichi

.. this is definately the best one- see the diff? this is way better than snaps! plus there is bias tape between house trim for strength, yeah!

am going to be updating my etsy shop with similar belt pouches yehaw! any suggestions?

check out this new link : art for housewives

edit: just found out emma has an etsy shop! emma is mikes girl who hes in spain with- mike is simons humanfive buddy! just for clarification.
anyway heres the link to mia (not our sri lankan princess)

well, a lucky mini bear i sure am when i get hunky pics of simes to show off to you all:



  1. Hi Nicole, wow I had not checked your blog for a few days!! so had to catch up with everything. Love the photos of Simon,MMMM!!!! Your stuff still keeps getting better, good bews re the job see ya hopefully Sunday, liz

  2. ehe... hi liz!
    *blushes* yeah thanks for simon... :)
    see you sunday!