featured etsy item all sold!

what a day!
i made 3 more pouches today. i guess you could say im on a roll. after posting them i logged off etsy only to see the squirrel pouch on the featured items on the front page!! how cool!!! then as the day passed they got bought one by one. now they are all gone and im not on the front page anymore. awww. the price of fame. haha!
anyway here are the newbies in the shop!

also his awsome lady emailed me her shop in gastown called 'occupied'. guess what dear vancouverites... i never knew there was an ARANZI ARONZO outlet in gastown!!! yay! its cute. heres the shop page, and they have awsome pics on flicker...
occupied shop page!

heres the adress:
221 Abbott St.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2K7


  1. And what a roll to be on, they are simly charming.

  2. thank you so much gina *^_^*

    hi there!