Davin's custom chess board case with pouch

the main pouch is reversable and padded with a layer of felt

simon took extra pics! cool . i made a zip pouch with both owl fabrics..its got a divider in the middle of the lining so you can have the two colors separated. davin wanted the brown squirrels on the outside. . so i was crushed when i had to seam rip it 3 times! too small too big too ewan! eh, but now its perfect! and its with him...we had dinner at desserts for simons b-day with his whole family coz davin works there- hes the only worker! so i finally was able to give it too him. . and liz xmas gifts too!


  1. Hi Nicole, cute pouch! Finally posted this month on my blog. Also, made decoupaged hair sticks at my etsy shop. Take a peek and tell me what you think, thanks!
    ") Jessica

  2. Hi Nicole, wow you sure have been busy with all your bags etc, look great. Thanks for the syuff you gave me on Sunday, love them, dinner was delicous, except I was so full just from good plain food. See ya love liz