new bags

sack of scraps! from a friend of cindy....

lots of furry terry cloth for dolls and some trim...

hansel and gretle fabric ;)
am bringing all the new stuff to a shop/salon on 4th? maybe on thursday.. edit: on friday! ill post what happens cross your fingers for nico '_'

added a button:

new links :)


  1. oh man its gonna be a fabric orgy....make a bag too...its pretty damn cool!! :D a shoulder bag pero design nya jolibee para labanan ko si mantis....inupdate ko na lj ko sa wakas :D

  2. hey almond you are bona fide. simon saw your email come in last night at 3.30 am~gising din kami pumunta siya ng macs to get frozen fries....yum major jollibee good. fabric orgy talaga ! no, konti lang maganda sa sacko na yun. check ko lj wakas..di ka na 19.. si francis kailangan din magupdate sya nalang sa tree lj priends ko