monchhichi belt pouch


i made these two monchhichi pouches with boys in mind but i wonder if they will be into it?

this is the smaller one with metal zipper
... i would never put something for sale on bare belly hairs

still no snaps too...i wasnt sure how big/small. but im just going to put snaps on the one end.

from the huge sack of scraps i recieved yesterday there was nice green, red and blue gingham which i used for the lining here and the perfect flower trim!
bought out all this fish trim it is too cute.


  1. Nice hairy belly ya got there friend... just kiddin'

    I totally want to hang, what day is good for you? This week is very free... I would love to see your place!

    I really like all the stuff you have made recently! Great job!

    Your friend
    Emms :)

  2. DUDE!! I SO WANT ONE? MAGKANO BENTA MO? bayaran kita ng isaw na lang o kaya lugaw!! o kaya champurado...oh yeh SIMON rocks!! the dude can bust-a-beat!! but i seriously want one... MOMMY I WANT A MONCHHICHI BELT POUCH

  3. by the way whats your lj i keep forgetting to add you dammit

  4. hi emms! yes! i will call you tomorrow- lets make a quick plan!

  5. almond yehey am glad you, a boy, can dig monchhichi! cool... lj ko di mo pa ako mahanap? diba nasa name ko sa comments mo sa lj mo? wow. sorry a ang haba baroke kase.

  6. Hi Nicole - my son is 10 and said he likes Monchichi - cute fishies trim bag!

  7. you have an outstanding fabric collection! the fishies and the cat pouch is adorable!


    you're it!

  8. thanks jessica and renee (you tagger)!