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feb 2 is simons birthday! were going to see african bombada? fun! sew sew sew today...2 drawstring pouches for davins chess board and pieces! a panda messenger bag order for angelas friend! more belt pouches! and a secret gift for simes!

its really brutal out there. overcast dark cold windy wet ♥ yeah i just learned that

got this from Jason daSilva the other day on my email:

Dear fellow Canadiana,

My short film A Song For Daniel
http://www.asongfordaniel.com is getting its
Canadian debut on CBC on Zed Real at 5:45 on Tuesday,
January 31st.

Watch it if you got em! Can someone videotape it for



  1. Hi Nico!

    I lost my voice, so I won't be there tomorrow, :( I had a really bad cold and my throat just gave out!

    Anyhow, I will see you as soon as I am better. Your new place looks great!

    Happy bday S!


  2. hi emms- thats too bad! i couldnt make it either....

    thanks! simons fixing his 'side' of the studio now! it will be our guest room too kinda. his side is going to be insane as usual.