found this quite easily:
Upload Video and Images - Putfile
I uploaded some video of Francis' open mic tonight! YIPEE! i found a video hosting/uploading site that works with our computer! cool! i can upload the m.i.a. concert.

meanwhile click here to view and listen. hes got a killer voice and who can resist his cute little face and big hair? not even simon can stop himself!
click on francis cruz in the friends section.
cant see it? dont have quicktime, on a pc? free quicktime download for A Pentium processor-based PC or compatible computer

today felt like such a BOY day. spoke to francis when i got up for a while...then eric came over he is going to iceland tomorrow for 2 months! I must remember to drop by tomorrow morning with a couple of art mags for the plane ride. thats andrew by the window then he dissapeared. sewed a bit, went to the open mic with simon but unfortunately he lost his wallet! so he went to look for it, then after the the open mic all of us walked (my male crew?!) and walked and finally found the ex british servicemens association or whatever its called- pool/dart hall! where erics despedida was held stayed for a bit and then we all split ways.
when we got home checked the mailbox and oh boy-got my fabric from korea :)
which leaves me back here. on the computer. found that uploading site, took more pics of the stuff i sewed and posting on the blog.
red and black one for a friend:

two cute bags:

one side

the other side


  1. hi there ! found your blog through Emms site, wow the little bags you sew are REALLY cute

    just wanted to say hello !