Aranzi Aronzo

yehey! my craft book arrived!!! with it came some nice creamy floral cotton print ♥ thanks lee!

♥♥♥ i love it ♥♥♥ this is the very first japanese craft book that i really really wanted. i love aranzi aronzo!

there is only one pattern with any sort of english. while stuffing the monkey he seems to get overwhelmed. hahaha

new studio- of course my side is already messy and still not organized :P


  1. Yap, they're very popular here in Japan. I think they're so CUTE!!

  2. hi kumi!
    me too! i almost died when i first saw this for sale. superCUTE!

    im so glad you say they are popular in japan- it just makes me want to go to japan so much more...

  3. hahaha!! i never noticed the "oh my god!" HA!

  4. Sweet, sweet, thanks for sharing that. I'm going to have to Google this!

  5. I was just wondering if you could answer a question for me. Are we allowed to make things with the Aranzi books and material and then sell them at our shops?