yesterdays update and TRADE HAT!

i made this! entirely HANDSEWN can you believe it??? i finally went to meet the girls from the Vancrafter group yesterday and yum-my cookies galore...they are so sweet and friendly...i ended up finishing this whole coin purse while i was there- awsome.

after the craft group i went to school to pick up my work from the gallery- my my large dust balls rolling onto the continents on the floor! how gross.

then i met with elham who came over and sewed her sisters xmas gifts:

while she sewed that i made two hats...the first one was too small- i undercompensated the fleece bulk, the second is perfect, tho i packaged it already without taking a pic.
i still have to make a pink one for tangiene after i clean the house, before francis comes over. that leaves me 4 hours. lets see what i come up with for tangiene, she wanted pink and i want to try and give her a brim.

too small ******** edit dec 26- i want to trade this hat! its perfect but it is a small!!!********

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