holy crap last night at around 2-3 am i was still sewing in the studio SOMEONES HEAD popped up from the window!!!! THEY WERE LOOKING INSIDE!!!!! were on the ground floor and we already had problems in the beginning -people coming RIGHT UP to our window to TALK TO US while were hanging out in our LIVING ROOM perfect scumy strangers think that if your on the ground floor with your curtains open its an open invite to come up
i called the police last night but i dont think they saw THE PLATFORM the bums had erected outside the studio window (our studio is on the side, which is quite high from the ground)

i got so effin scared. they have probably been scoping our place. we have sheer green curtains in the front for maximum light during the day but at night we are like a latern.

pics of the new cute bag i was sewing while i saw that guy later. gotta do the dishes now then leave!

meanwhile go to shop!


  1. OH MY GOD THIS HAPPENED TO ME TOO ABOUT A WEEK AGO!!!! Maybe there's a ton of head bobbing prowlers now? It seems like people are getting poorer in the ol' USA.

    Thanks for linking to my blog.

  2. its insane! must be holiday season envy. see?! what commercialization of holidays leads to.
    np your blog is cool! am glad i found it.

  3. Hi Nicole, I would have been scared shitless myself. Hope they have not been looking all the time or scoping your place out!!!People are crazy.
    love the new bags see ya Liz

  4. Sheesh, can't people let you have just a little privacy nowadays?!?! And what a sense of humor you have about it. For me, I would have pretended someone was home with me by yelling out something like, "Honey ... come here and help me with this" or something like that. Love your cute new purses. I just posted a decoupaged wood purse. Let me know what you think about it and/or any suggestions appreciated.

  5. oh liz i know! its pretty crazy...but the landlady gave us an apartment upstairs on the 3rd floor! for the 20th. so we might move if its a good space. no window in the bathroom tho ugh.
    thanks for being super mom!

  6. hi jessica- gosh its insane- no privacy. last night during our party someone came up to the window to ask to be let in. thats ok. it was late... but with the prowler whew! easier to laugh it off while you tell it...but while its happening!!! mini terror...unique purse! ill leave a longer note on your post! ;)

  7. Hi Nicole, its midnight at work and I actually have time to check out e-mail etc. It would be better if you guys could move to the 3rd floor for sure. I,ll have to check out other blogs now, see ya Liz

  8. liz! hehe im so flattered that your checking my blog at work! wOw!

    i cant wait for the liz quilt blog!

  9. oh yes and we are so moving-no window in the bathroom but the apartment upstairs is bigger!