pa-dah! proxemics

click on the images for a larger photo collage view

this is the cutest Its your life mail package yet...guess she'll know who she is when she gets it *^_^* hint-i think she does something to do with the sticker.

here is the the proxemixs show in school...will take more pics tomorrow!
this is the map that got is a 'hand drawn' pacific centered world map..ive always wanted one of these! its kind of photoshopped brighter. it looks cool tho i like seeing the other colors in this

heres my set up with the map. originally i was supposed to have the sewn one in my previous posts but tho i didnt post a pic i really messed it up the night before the crit. i thnik because i was really unsure about the aesthetic. all i know im glad its all nice stuff like 100% linen and turquoise..
in the collage there are 4 bulul figures in red and yellow. originally i ntended them to be in a 'huddle' ie all facing each other, but instead simes and i opted face front. they are on the brown asia portion. there is a ring of the most of the largest countries/land shapes of where the austronesian language is spoken. taiwan, philippines, indonesia, borneo, new zealand, madagascar in green. in the middle is two fish and a fish/fertility symbol ling ling o
.html. there are two sarimanoks in orange and magenta, and the two couples of bululs in aqua and that netral brown color. they have a kalabaw of course, and i tried to make as many pairs as i could but the brown cow is on its own. click click * they want to be seen *

this is the show. it looks fantastic. it has different feel to it that is manolo fixing the lights with the big ladder over naufus' piece. the big drapey pinkish-orange thing is magnus, its pretty funny. i asked her what she was making for the show she said a fabric tent..color..textures? it will be me insinde...inside if you look up it looks like a whole bunch of pubes! sooo hysterical...manolos tent thing is hanging in the back there, its totally up now, i mean streched open....i forgot to bring my camera when i went today to take better pics..there are a few really good pieces by cameron kerr that i want to post -the table, and the marble corner like joseph beuys fat corner but in marble. i love joseph beuys and i love cameron kerr. his other marble pieces are insane. and ryans assemblage is very pleasing. will take better pics. but in the click

i just realized when i clicked after i edited (see the merits of looking at bigger pics?) was that um. its a vagina!

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