ITS HERE! the first Bunnies in Forest creation

what do you think about the bead trim? im not that committed to using it again in this style but i love it! isnt it lovely?


  1. Hi Nicole, love your blog it is the first one I have looked. Great stuff, thanks for the comments, love Liz

  2. hi Liz-
    thanks for checking my blog out! i hope you have fun in here!
    Did Simon tell you we forgot 3 of your christmas presents? they were under a pile of fabric on my sewing table!

  3. gosh hopefully we can bring em soon...ay!

  4. Very cute bag! It's so delicate with the beads. Must have taken you some time to make it.
    Luv it!
    And i love your blog, very creative.

  5. oh hey ismoyo..thanks.
    i didnt actually bead the trim myself, i bought it that way. but this bag did take me a while. the fabric is so pretty i had a lot of fun and took extra handmade care in making it!