here are the pics! simon made a card for his site its so funny!
the christmas lights were in VanDuesens gardens. 8$ to get in! the place was covered with lights and at some point they seemed to be all in tune with the music (which was cool but i cant say im into classical stuff blasting). the best part was sitting down on a bench with simes while taking pics drinking hot chocolate and eating the heuge bag of kettle corn while it was still warm. the lights were ok. i cant say i was jaw dropped impressed coz we took the bus and paid 8 bux each and while growing up in manila every christmas time there would be mad insane whole houses in my subdivision all covered with lights while meralco (the power company) in ortigas would always have like the ginormous display with 2kazillion lights. and it all was for free looks. but i guess its not like all clean and stuff. whatever . it was awsome tho i do feel a bit guilty for spending that money for that.

near the face cut out wood painted things there was santa with too many kids crowding around him we had no chance for a pic hahaand this mini house with lights inside was gettin pretty trippy

simes havin fun in a chris cunningham video:

heres us as how we really are:

i told him to get in there- he said it was muddy and wet coz he had to kneel to get under the lights and i think his foot squished in some mud. isnt it a great pic!

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