cxmas lightx

weee simon asked me if i wanted to go see the christmas lights up (wherever they are)

how exciting. something to do with christmas! we didnt decorate or anything. super bah humbug to do we really want to support this capitalist turned gesture of generosity of spirit? haha. just being bitter there no lechon for me to eat.

last night we rearranged the whole house and it looks much bigger! i also fixed my side of the studio. it looks better.
im really glad my etsy shop started off well.
now all i need is some feedback and more customres for my shop. haha im soooo lame.
but really, i do hope the people i sent items to will recieve soon. i mean i know its christmas and all. but i think thats all i want right now.

i almost or did? purchase a scale. it came to 70 $ with an adaptor. i hope i didnt get ripped off there. im sketched coz im not sure if the paypal transaction came thru and while i was going back and forth checking i noticed one new window for paypal's login was the fraudulent site and not the legit real paypal site i hope i noticed that at the right moment and not before! i would hate to get scammed!

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