crocheted stuff and where it went

i decided to take the crocheted stuff out of my etsy shop before its all gone because then i wont have any samples for custom or wholesale orders. so i still have the stuff its just not on the shop yet. i only sold one thing from etsy since all these were listed and the rest were sold to people around me.
somebody wanted to trade and i feel so lame because i didnt notice she wanted to trade 2 things and i took it back! oh dear. really, nico. sometimes i spazz...tho it did help me to figure out what to do with all the trade offers i get for the crocheted/etsy shop...i will just post trade items here! im too sensitive and get too caught up in what the other person wants/expects! yikes! i think thats ok to some extent in personal life but now im starting a bussiness! cool yet scary. i need to focus and stop going back and forth changing my mind on things!

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