cant wait!

i made an insane bag! o my gosh its super cute! i dont want to take pics now coz its night time and this bag is way to good to rush pics! i do have some pics of the ugly bags i made two nights ago. ugh! actually the floral one is not bad it just needs to be finished. i put in a large zippered pocket in it pa naman. sayang if i dont finish it! dont laugh at the leather one ok?! haha!!
here are the terribles:


  1. hi nicole, its jaret over here in port moody. cindy and me are back from calgary. just checking up on all my favorite web spots. cindy loved her hat and all the other stuff too, thnks again!!

  2. oh thanks jaret! so you two love birds were in alberta for the hollidays! i didnt know that. oh. simons on his way to visit mike now...hey did you check that new counter i got- the cost of war in iraq- isnt it insane?

    hi cindy! *^_^*

    im glad you liked everything!