camera case and cindy's hat

this cute bag is where our wonderful digital camera lives. i made it a while ago, indending to put it in the student sale but its just too good! our camera fits perfectly (its kinda bulky) tho i cant take an explicatory picture, obviously! isnt it cute. i made a little teddy bear to match the print.

heres me photo whoring...this is jarets order for cindys hat- black! i altered the pattern so now it has a brim! and smaller ear flaps. it took 2 tries tho, the first time was horrendous. well, it looked really large. no pic tho-too bad coz you would say this one is better too haha!

dont mind the chaos behind me


  1. Hi, Nicole.
    How're ya?
    I like the fabric of your new camera case!!

  2. oh kumi! im doing good thanks for asking :)

    the fabric is so funny- i got it in a scrap pile for 10 cents. !