the best thing happened today! first i got some awsome suppies- beautiful trims - i even found the same pattern of trim from the stuff my mom sent me! but in different colors- not as nice. also more snaps, lots of cute and cool fabric scarps for 10cents, nylon strapping, small bells, pins-i need some, sewing machine needles, tassels and rope to match all for 22 $! cool. then when i got home, my order of fabric from kumi arrived! oh my gosh she even gave me this extra beautiful fabric from okinawa! eep! the best xmas present!
heres all the stuff with some other fabric combinations i put together- im so excited its all going to be sooooo nice!

heres the bunny fabric from kumi with trims from dressew and some linen

the cowboy fabric i got at dressew the red riding hood from kumi- im not going to sew the two together but i thought it was such a contrast!

here this cute hotair ballon i got and am going to pair with linen fabric in same colors and rope ! im also going to add a tassel and bells.

and to top it all off- simon got the BEST CHOCOLATE today. out of all the free chocolate he got this season for being a good recycler, this one is hands down orgasmic i feel like i am in love chocolate:


  1. Hi Nocole.
    I'm so glad that you got the fabric and you liked them!!
    Those words always make me smile :D
    Cannot wait to see what you're gonna make out of them!

    BTW, I love the trim you got.
    Where can I buy it???
    So cute!!

  2. Oh Kumi- THANK YOU!

    the trims are super cute! there is this place on west hastings here in vancouver called dressew. and they have an insane amount of trim! lots of it does not get restocked. and some of it looks old as in vintage!

    i hope the things i make turn out...

  3. I wonder if dressew sells items online. I guess not...
    Say, why don't we do swaps?
    I like your work and love to get the trim!!
    I bet you like to get more Okinawa Bingata fabric and others from my shop?
    What do you say, Nicole?

  4. oooo kumi you are like a mind reader! i was thinking earlier since you like the trims i wouldnt mind trading coz id really love to go to dressew just to load up on trim!
    hehe. theres so many beautiful cute ones...
    email exchange!
    ill email you or vise versa....

  5. yap, baby!
    let's do trades, then!
    cannot wait!
    can we do this a bit after New Year's Day?
    I'll e-mail you when I'm ready.
    Just let me know which items you wanna trade in my shop.
    Have a great New Year's Day!

  6. hey, it's me again.
    do you think you can get 2 yards or more of the trim?
    I really like it a lot!

  7. kumi its no problem theres lots! i emailed you...