tunturi/aviator hats for sale

heres a bunch of hats ive been working on. they are so easy to make now that ive gotten the hang of it. the pics are not that clear coz its night time.
top row left to right:
black soft fuzzy/fur, kind of like fake cashmere-the top inside is white waffle knit. melon with gold knit with yellow brocade inside-top inside is white waffle knit. blue sprts knit with silver and gold-reversable.
bottom row left to right:
fake olive suede with shiny bluish/black dot pattern, olive fur- the top inside is white waffle knit. red and grey stripe suiting with dark blue strech denim inside- waffle knit inside top, has red ties for chin strap. mustard and grey suiting with cael and yellow knit inside. black and camel heavy cotton cowboy print with camel and yellow knit inside.

heres me looking a bit too eager trying them all on

i forgot the blue one in the collage. i look really eager in this one no? you cant even really see the hat can you.

fabric detail

if i make a bunch like 20 more i will price them at 10 each at the student sale and call them head panty or top sock!
i think they are also good for under bike helmets.

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