tunturi hat

its kind of bumpy on me. i made it xl for simes but its too small.

its bumpy on me coz it used to be the bottom of a kid girl denim top. had to take it apart a few times too. also had to replace the first inside top part (it was fur too but too small) i really should PIN my stuff before sewing. ugh.

made with this tutorial: http://www.shelby.fi/kaava/403/403.php

i want to make more!!


  1. I've also been making these hats with the same pattern that you have been using. Did you have a lot of trouble with sizes? I tried enlarging the whole pattern and got one or two good hats but I think I need to make them bigger. When you edited the pattern did you make the whole pattern larger on all sides? I would appreciate any advice you can give! :) Your hats are super cute, btw.

  2. hmmm... not sure what i did here, i do remember i changed it on all sides actually.. i think i made it less pointy on top as well. i remember measuring the bottoms of all the top sections after adjusting them, minus seam allowance, to do the bottom half. dont know if that made any sense :P ...but i hope it helps somehow!

  3. yes that does make sense, thanks so much :)