toronto show

here is the kapisanan center at kesington market in toronto! (my cousins) caroline and christine have been working on getting this show together and i think they are doing a great job! the opening is tonight! i hope people react positively to the artifacts.


  1. yahoooo thanks for sending your bee-yoo-ti-ful art niks! the show was great...lots of people came thorugh all day long (the centre was open from 1pm to 10pm) and there was no end to the ooohing and ahhhing over your work...they loved your hats and bags too and mel wants a little belt pouch ipod holder and basta! it was so fantastic to have your work one's ever seen anything like that before and maybe we can buy all your artifacts so that they could be a permanent fixture at the centre...k running out of room. luvchristine

  2. omfg little belt pouch ipod holder is brilliant!!!!!
    im so glad people like the stuff! im working on a proposal for an installation/show with the artifacts theme........i wish i could have your awsome writing skills kris!