the student sale is on for tomorrow. there is so much nice nice stuff! i am going to go early to take pics coz i forgot to before i brought all my stuff to the gallery. i made a four cute pouches with the supplies my mom sent me. and 7 new dolls! they are super. simon helped me by drawing/cutting the patterns.

will post pics tomorrow....

meanwhile im feelin the pressure of writing an (ugh) paper on some dead artist. western art. yipee. i can probably find a way to make it intersting but ....

on the heavier heavyest:
R.I.P. Buster. i heard you died. you were such an awsome dog and we had the same birthday therefore i felt a special bond. i hope you are happy in dog heaven. i will miss you cute little buster.


  1. i bought a beautiful bag you made. thank you very much for making it. i am quite in love with it. and coming from me that is saying something. i am not usually into bags. but this one is just rockin'

  2. thank yuou so much lianne.... i wonder which bag it is hmmm

  3. hmm, i never replied to this until now. but in case you were wondering, it is the the blue and white patterned one with the yellow and white criss-cross interior. i'd take a photo, but i don't have a digital camera.

  4. oh yes....i remember that bag. i have photos of it in here somewhere...