new tunturi hat pics

as always click on the image for a larger view!
the site where i found the tunturi hat pattern found here (click me)

bambi chinchilla knit with pink strech brocade and waffle knit thermal lining, black and pink tweed suiting (?) bias cut with pink fleece lining, chocolate brown and white textured knit and white terry cloth lining.

black strech denim with white terry cloth lining.

brown thick ribbed courdoroy (sp?) with pink fleece, and bright orange linings

heres an altered tunturi pattern i made, its two in one kinda. snaps! dark dark forest/hunter/olive green with dark forset jersey and bambi chinchilla knit linings.

this ones the 'old' hat from the previous post with a pin from sweetie pie press and a new light beige knit...the knit was double i used both sides for the lining and outer..basically its reversable but i forgot to take a pic of the other side.

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