new doll owners! Reily park fair

here is a view of my table at the reily park community center fair. i didnt take any photos of the bonsor fair yesterday coz i only sold a couple of things. but naufus came with me and the time flew by so quickly. this fair was good lots of vendors. lots of compliments and looks. i havent really made more stuff so maybe thats why im selling less now? no one bought a hat! i need a better hat display.

here is Hiro ( which reminded me of spirited away's chihiro) who really liked the bear (i didnt know!) and i think she will make him a good pal.

here is the girl from the front desk? she told me she wanted the bear but would wait and see if hiro would get it (cool)! and like right after she left, Hiro came. then she came back and took home the cutest face panda!! (if you read this please post a comment? i didnt get your name!)

this old lady knits. i sent a bunch of people over coz her stuff was unbelievably cheap. and cute!

i just had to and wouldve gotten more but i didnt make enough coin to go off. pink and white caplet so cute 3.50$!. aqua hood. super soft 3.50$. the knit sweater top im wearing, coral colored cotton! with eyelet like holes/pattern 12$! i also got sean new knit booties 3$. in grey. the pic of the stuff on the bed was really blurry!

this is what i bought at yesterdays fair..cute little crochet pin monsters 50 cents each! i got four and they are on bags and a hat now.

these awsome knit finger puppets from peru 2$ each! knit by a montesorri teacher (i went to o.b. montesorri professional high school-hahaha!) there were so many more and they were just so well made.

also i met laurachristine from craftster! she had a table too...

now im just pooped. i think for the student sale i definately have to make more dolls.

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