heres a very large cool painting

this is the botique area set up... see my stuff in the corner and on the floor???? i didnt know the installation comittee would do that!!!

here are the new dolls i made for the sale. i think i sold one.

these are the small pouches for 5$....the felt and trim ones the materials come from my ma

here is the hat rack. it was mobbed!

see the before opening (can you see the line up?) and within 10 mins. of opening

here is sam and julia in the line up... the girl in front of them bought a hat too! yipee

my new etsy shop is open!
theres nothing available right now tho i sold out my first 2 items posted!


  1. I saw your post on craftster- I LOVE the hats! How much did you end up selling them for? I'm not so great on the sewing end of things, so I'm thinking of buying one if you have any left :) I think everyone wants to be a aviator/peruvian in those hats (that's what they remind me of)Congrats on the crazy sale.


  2. thanks thumbelina! i was selling them at 15-25$ depending on the materials.
    there are a few melon and aqua ones left. the sale was awsome! i wonder if you got one... i want to make more but realized it would be lame for sale online coz you cant try em on.

  3. well thats a little strange. I saw you on craftster then saw your site. Happens that we go to the same school. freakeh. @_@''