yesterday was the sidewalk sale

yesterday was a great day for vending! michelle lent me a folding picnic table which reminded me of my childhood. a mess of bags and dolls on the seat.

some dolls now have homes!!

the small cream doll with the pink and yellow brocade backpack () goes to michelles niece for school
(Bum-Bum) the chubby brown bear goes to sean orr and his cat pino
ugly doll (well not really ugly just an endearing term) goes to SARAH! the lovely lady from kelowna!:

and another lady has the elephant.. somehow a neon sticker with the number 7 stuck on its back. unbelievable!

other pics include this lady with the very () pretty designer linen purse with plastic handles and a gold snap:


  1. what was the web site that you recomended to me with patterns and how to do's? (i bought the ugly doll, witch in fact, is not ugly at all)

  2. hi sarah! whew, i put your name up.

    the website is
    'no tea cozies without irony'