first of all i apologize coz most of these pics are blurry. they are the kind of pics that give you motion sickness. proceed with caution.

this is Trisha from Victoria who got happy panda for her sisters baby (dont they look alike?)
(she also got the belt pouch like simons-see below)

this is harvey with tancat. he bought it for his fiance to be yipee! he also got her the new olive floral messenger bag with pink gingham lining. i hope she likes it!

heres marita and marilena (finnish names! i thought they were hispanic but no!) they were a sweet mother and daughter team. no dolls but they got 3 bags!

it was crazy! for a few hours in the beginning then it was like a ghost town.... all the other vendors left so i felt weird the only one there even though it was only 4.00 i left with an hour to go.
heres my sorry table

heres my view:

and here are some (blurry) pics of simons belt pouch (fits a pack of smokes and a lighter or a wallet and cards and change or a cel phone and lipstick etc etc etc!

i added a silver thingy to this mini clutch now its even cuter!

and heres bunnies sister bunny. shes always eating!

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