today i didnt sew anything. kristine is settled into the studio. a freak coincidence we were sunning in the park and sandra walked right up to us. so she hung out, simon came for a bit, then kristine's cab came for her haircut and we went back to my place and made a big pot of kare-kare. also cooked up some special bagoong. i ate 3 bowls! baboy!
its weird coz the more simon eats kare-kare the more he gets into the bagoong! when did a whitey ever like bagoong??!
im trying to put my art portfolio together and i realize how lame i am and dont make any art anymore. this whole summer was consumed by bag making.
also today i did more searching and found more fairs to join:
sept. 11 is the aldergrove fall fair (?) simon says theres lots of trashy peeps with no money
sept. 17 and 18 is the murrayville fall fair
oct.17 is the UBC back to school sale and it goes on for few days. i have a meeting with the organizer on monday to show her my samples.
a whole bunch in november that im having trouble deciding.
nov. 18 &19 in burnaby, a craft fair
nov.26/dec.3 xmas craft fair
trout lakes got some which i likes coz its close to my house...
reily park i likes too. their holiday craft fair on nov. 19
also tomorrow i think i will call back that tammy lady about the a2z consignment fair. isabel doen't want to split it with me coz our stuff wont fit on one table.... but i hope to make more than 50$ coz thats a lot and how much the tables are.... i guess its also coz i dont have that many for september... its on the 17th.

i wish i didnt have to go back to school and was just better at doing these fairs but i want to get an art degree and heck i need to go back coz im not even making any art right now!

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