o my god im so grossed out i saw mouse come into the apartment earlier and i havent been calm since.
i cant even walk on the floor really. i dont know how im going to sleep. i keep thinking its going to crawl on me when im sleeping. gross.
aaaa! good thing kristines at janices' house tonight.

but i was able to sit down on the computer (with my legs on the chair)and resize all the pics i took of the bags i made while i was in langley with simon. i made 9 bags! woohoo.
also today i spent almost the last of my money on magnetic snaps, grommets and zippers and tela (cloth) whew. so pretty. i wanted to sew but im not that down with the mouse in here.
our front door is open so hopefully it will just go out sometime.


oh yeah...sidewalk sale on the corner of Main and Broadway on Sept. 1st people! its dadabase, anti-social and maybe another store? local designers will be setting up for the day, including me- so dont forget and come on down.... everything ive made that hasnt sold and am still making is going to be !

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