M.I.A mousey grimey mama

just got back from grime night at shine. only went coz of M.I.A. but ive always wanted to do the Ciara feat.Missy 1.2 Step. then that song played after i asked Jill if she knew how and she totally did! yes oo.

simes couldnt make it coz of work and the mouse. our new friend gross. its in the stove and its not coming out puke puke. i think its coz i made kare-kare. jeez!
we were convinced our hole patch up jobs worked:

i cant find the pic of the BATHROOM caulk we used but we really thought it was outta here.

ill try and post a pic of the pest control person in action.


  1. oh my god check this site out:


    they play radio stations in manila! hehe trippy shit if youve got the connection speed... !!!

  2. i cant listent were on a mac!!! wala!!! bwiiiset!!!

  3. wait a sec!!! simon fixed it im listening to NU YEHEY!!! cant wait for an opm dose!