latin sizzle fest was a bust!

man am i super bummed. i got scammed with a fake 50$ bill! it sucks coz it was nearing the end of the day, its was super dusty and i didnt make that much profit... then this lady (im being nice- what i mean to call her is crackho')came all jittery and 'bought' two purses. one was really hard to make!! with cut out handles. and a clutch. the first clutch i made. it had a super cute jewel button. she gave me a fifty u.s. bill and i didnt even look at it, like a fool i gave her 20$ change. i hate her but i figure shes getting her bad karma already being a prostitue/junkie everyday of her rotten dirty pathetic existance. geez!! its all my fault. i should've not been so trusting and looked at the money. she even had a nice little talk about how much she liked the idea of buying something knowing it didnt come off a conveyor belt. (shakes head). what she meant was she liked the idea of stealing from someone who works hard and doesnt earn much.
right after she left i checked coz something was so wrong with how i felt. we tried looking for her but she must've booked it. . it'll never happen again!

but on to better things like pictures.
heres isabel and her nifty tent- our set up

and heres what my stuff looks like now
the pouch table:

the purse and doll table:

and heres some of the hanging bags. the black one is the other bag i made yesterday. i was surprized by the positive response coz i thought i couldve made it slower, hence nicer.

a lady named tammy invited me to consign stuff for a downtown kids and mommy fair. and i have a custom order from another lady. i guess things arent as bad as i thought.
i think im sick of festivals tho. maybe i should try to be a better chooser when it comes to the fairs i participate in.
i already learned no flea markets- esp on the east side. and im sick of festivals coz they are too hot and this one was soo dusty. and people arent really in a shopping mode. but i guess most sales are women who 'come back'. i love those. i especially love the woman(surya) who came back and bought 4 things!

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