fuse& naufus ramirez-figueroa

today were going to langley to water and clean and stuff. im bringing my sewing machine again and will post pics on sunday or whenever we get back.
also f.y.i. im joining the A2Z Consignment fair happening at coal harbour community center on sept.18.

last night was naufus' performance at the Vancouver Art Galley...
had a great night. simon and i met sandra at the art gallery steps and eventually there was a few of us sitting on the steps. naufus came and ryan and his friend.

then sailor and a friend came uo on this awsome white bike he made with two seats! even the chain was white.

when we got inside- we were on the guest list! we milled around looking at rodins sculptures and reading/laughing about theodore sascatche wan. so funny. he changed his name to that...
anyway finally 9:30 came and it was naufus' time to go on. the previous lady and her 2 volunteers were a bit boring.
naufufu was great. then andrew came and hes so funny. i noticed some of people laughing and i got so annoyed/ mad. if you cant just watch the performance in the tone it is presented in, get it, or even be POLITE enough to hold in your little giggles get the eff out of the art gallery, go to a comedy show or the PNE. makes me so mad! all andrew and i wanted was for naufus to rub his ass on thier faces. but were his friends so of course we dont want anyone to be inapropriate at the VAG!. he is known for that kind of thing. people should be prepared.

(after the vag we went to venus' photo show at the jewel of india) also rocco / charito did an awsome espangol drag queen performance. we tried to take pics but it was too dark.. charito at one point smashed a glass in aguish? despair? resentment? i didnt understand the lyrics but that was some powerful emotion.

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