black people loot and white people find? huh?


this article i found thru the blogger 'how-to-link" tutorial.
i know how to post links now!

the mouse that came in last night might be gone. i couldnt make anything coz we need to organize first. recover from the mouse disaster. we turned the place upside down. but simon fixed it and now the place is spotless.

its raining today and im lazy.

im excited for the sidewalk sale and i hope it doesn't rain. im also intrested in the fairs isabel called me today with.
did anybody know there is a horse riding club in vancouver? the southland country fair is looking for crafters. too bad that lady hasnt emailed me yet with the rest of the info.

theres also a craft fair in north van, in the parkgate community center on sept.10 id like to join.

i need to consign.

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